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Meet Cora Elazegui, RDH

Our kindhearted hygienist


Favorite Quote

“Live each day as if it's your last.”


Cora was born in Pasig, Phillippines and immigrated to the United States at 14 years old. She graduated from the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program in 1991. She and her best friend were the Golden Scalers of her class! She worked for a periodontist and a general dentist for 6 years before joining her husband full-time. While Cora might have completed schooling, she will always be passionate about continuing her dental education with additional classes.

The wellness and preventative aspects of dentistry are what Cora is most passionate about. It is her mission to inform and educate; to promote and encourage all her patients to invest in their oral health because it’s not about their smile, it is an integral part of their overall wellness. For Cora, being able to help people by simply sharing her knowledge is a great feeling. It brings her joy to make a lasting impression especially when it comes to their care. Cora emphasizes the importance of being proactive in the maintenance of their oral health.

Outside the Office

Cora’s number one hobby is cooking, and she’s excellent at it—everyone knows it. Her children, friends, nieces, and nephews always look forward to eating her food and are begging for more. If you can convince her to start a YouTube account so she can share her recipes with the world, the world would thank you (please do convince her)! She is always trying out new recipes, but her favorite (when she has the time) are the complex dishes with many details, like Korean barbecue and hot pot with all the Banchan.

Because she loves food, of course she loves going out to eat with the family, exploring new food and restaurants. She will jump for joy for more opportunities to travel and spend time with extended family. With travel vlogging at her fingertips, she is not only able to “travel from home”, but now has more places she can add to her list for a later time to visit!

I have been going to Dr. Elazegui and Cora since I was 9 years old. They had sold their previous practice in 2015 I think, and I was really bummed since I haven't had anyone else work on my teeth for over 20 years. I stayed with the people that bought their practice but I just didn't have that comfort level I had with Dr. Elazegui and Cora. After almost a year I was randomly searching for them and lo behold I found out that they open end another practice here in Milpitas. Of course, I followed suit and changed dentist immediately!

When my kids were able to go to the dentist, we had them go to a pediatrics dental group. Every time we went to take them to that dentist, they would throw a fit and hated the dentist! I finally asked Cora if they were old enough to go to them and they tried them out for a cleaning and my kids dos not cry nor throw a fit. I was beyond happy since my kids are finally okay to go the dentist and not throw a fit.

I HIGHLY recommend going to see Dr. Elazegui, Cora and their team. They are very nice and take care of you lie their own. My kids like going to them and I'm sure your kids will also. Come check them out, I'm sure you will end up being with them.


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