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Meet Irma Rosas

Our bubbly dental assistant



Raised from a family bedrock of love and hard work, Irma came to the United States at the age of 15. Mama Rosas raised Irma and her four brothers to work hard and help each other because she believed it was critical to help achieve their goals. Because she and her siblings were raised with a humble background, she knows the value of hard work and appreciation of the small things. 


Before working at eDental, Irma worked as a CNA at a Senior Rehabilitation Hospital and has even (more recently) ran a flower delivery business with her friend. Now as a Dental Assistant, she is able to do what she does best—make people smile! Creating a comfortable, welcoming environment is what Irma enjoys most as a Dental Assistant. She describes making a warm environment for patients as what brings her true joy, and you’ll truly feel that radiating when you meet her.


What she finds special about eDental is the family atmosphere. Beyond the time she spends at work, she feels the Elazegui dental office is a second home to her because she feels the comfort of home, and the support and partnership of family.

Outside the Office

If you know Irma, you can’t remember her without a warm and genuine smile. Simply put, that’s her—she’s always happy, always laughing, always socializing and helping others. 


Her background of growing up among 4 brothers as the middle child, and raising her wonderful son as a single mother built her to be the jack of all trades she is today. She takes pride in the fire of perseverance she keeps aflame, and for developing a great system of love and support between her and her son.


She enjoys doing a little bit of everything to keep busy whether it’s spending time in the garden, painting the house, or spending time with her poodle, Daisy. Her pup has gotten her through some rough times and lately has given her the motivation to get on her feet, to stay active or have fun playing.

The office is full of nice and friendly people. They always make their patients feel welcomed whenever someone walks through the door. When I came in for a routine cleaning they also have this laser machine thing that can get rid of cold sores! They used it on me and my cold sores went away basically over night! I didn't even know that type of thing existed!​


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