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Keeping you safe

Our measures for everyone’s health and safety during the pandemic

We are in communication with the ADA, CDC and the Santa Clara County Health Department. We keep our protocols in line with the latest updates.

In addition to the procedures we follow below, we also ask that when it is your time to visit that you follow the simple protocol we have posted on our office door to help keep the community safe.

Temperature check

We’ll take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If you’re not feeling well in any way, we’ll ask you to reschedule.

Masks Required

Masks are a requirement here. If you don’t have one for any reason, we’ll provide you with one.

Mouth rinse

Before we begin working with a patient, we ask them to rinse their mouth with the recommended protocol mouthwash. Sanitizer is available before entry and exit.

Enhanced PPE

Our team wears gloves, face masks, and face shields for enhanced protection.

Social distancing

We’ll ask that patients maintain 6 feet apart when moving through the office. Also, only the patient with the appointment can come in. If a patient is a minor, then only one parent or guardian can accompany the patient.

What we are doing for your protection

Safety begins before you come into the office

Our technology

Our office is equipped with the following to ensure everyone’s wellbeing during their office visit:


UV lights for disinfecting


Negative air pressure rooms


Medical grade air purifier

Oral health is essential

Please don't neglect your dental visits!

The FDI World Dental Federation emphasizes oral health is essential even during the pandemic. The FDI has seen an increase in dental complications and untreated dental emergencies due to patients postponing dental visits. Especially now that people are staying home, eating more, and frequently consuming sugar, it’s important for patients to prioritize visiting the dentist.

Oral health is so important it can even affect the health of the entire body. So please don’t neglect your dental health. Remember, dental hygiene visits are essential to prevent long term damage! Wishing you all good health and wellness in 2021.

eDental Care

Our Office


1753 Landess Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035

Our office sits at the corner of the building and faces the street.

Office Hours

Monday: Call for details
Tuesday–Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed

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